streets socrates

I'm just trying to build a Kingdom for my people and my Family


lyrics from the future 

city of broken, dreams..

& sucidical schemes..

i try my best to shine the light 


& if you doesn’t mean it

wasn’t in the forecast..

for you last, long in loving me. 

with poor ass, 

notin physical, like, monetary matters

but rather, in the mind,

for lightyears we battle,

facing the static, 

tehm other nigga panic,

running from the truth,

finding savior in planet..

looking for a purpose,

what u looking for worthless..

self detirmination„

is what movtitavte,

my mental..


and my pencil,

lifestyles i stencil, 

let yu color in cause lines..

dont conrcern him, nor the lie,

or the eyes willing,

same ones you save, 

can recongnize you as teh villian.,

when its appealing.. 

like the rise of the devil,

find me in my room matching highs,

with the treble